Sentarō Kawabuchi
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Nicknames Sen
Age 15
Birthday December 25, 1950
Birthplace Kyushu, Japan
Gender Male
Height 193cm
Weight 72kg
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
Priest (later)
Class 1st Year
Relatives Sachiko (cousin)
Kouta (cousin)
Taichi (cousin)
Chieko (cousin)
Sentaro's Grandmother (grandmother, deceased)
Sentaro's Uncle (uncle)
Sentaro's Aunt (aunt)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Moanin'
Seiyū Yoshimasa Hosoya
Voice Actor Andrew Love

Sentarō Kawabuchi (川渕 千太郎 Kawabuchi Sentarō) is one of the main characters of the Kids on the Slope series. He's usually referred to as Sentarō, but also known infamously as "East High's Kawabuchi." He is a jazz drummer who refuses to acknowledge other genres of music, a high school student and a delinquent, who often gets in fights.

Appearance Edit

Sentarō has short, spiky hazel hair and brown eyes, with pale skin. He has a strong jawline and a muscular frame. He has a small 'X' shaped scar under his left eye, and is sometimes seen with an adhesive bandage over his nose, and/or his left eyebrow.