Kids on the slope anime
Kids on the Slope (Japanese:坂道のアポロン Sakamichi no Apollon) is an anime series based on the Yuki Kodama's manga of the same name. The anime has a total 12 episodes. It aired from April 12 to June 28, 2012.


Summer 1966: Kaoru Nishimi has moved to live with relatives in Kyūshū. He's been an aloof honor student his whole life, but that starts changing when he meets Sentarō Kawabuchi, the school's notorious bad boy. Through him, he learns the appeal of jazz and forms his first real friendships.



  • Director- Shinichirō Watanabe
  • Producer- Masao Maruyama
  • Script- Ayako Katoh,Yūko Kakihara
  • Character Design - Nobuteru Yuki
  • Art Director -Shinichi Uehara
  • Music- Yoko Kanno
  • Art - Chieko Nakamura (ED), Minoru Nishida (OP)
  • Chief Animation Director - Katsuya Yamada (ep 9), Yoshimitsu Yamashita
  • Original Creator- Yuki Kodama
  • Producer - Daisuke Konaka, Noriko Ozaki (Fuji TV)
  • Executive producer - Atsushi Terada, Junichi Shinzaka, Naoki Kitagawa, Yatsuho Tomikawa (Fuji TV)
  • CGI Director - Yuushi Koshida
  • Director of Photography - Kenji Takehara

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